Kitten Availability and Sale Policy


We expect to have somali kittens available most of the time. At present however our plans mean kitten availability is going to be sporadic for a while.    At present we  have four kittens growing up here, and they will be ready to go to new homes once 14 weeks old.

For photos and more details of the currently available kittens see our kitten page.

When kittens are available they will be put on the kitten list held by the UK Somali Cat Club, and also a notice will appear on our homepage.



Kittens will only be sold to suitable homes, and prospective owners are expected to visit at least once before we release the kitten to their new owner. This not only allows the new owner time to consider all the implications of sharing their lives with a somali, but also gives us a better chance of assessing the suitability of the purchaser.

Kittens are fully inoculated against upper respiratory disease and catflu. They will also be microchipped. The parents are tested before mating for FIV and FeLV.  We register our kittens with the GCCF.

In the unlikely event that the kitten will not settle we expect that they will be returned in order to find a more suitable home. A proportional refund of the purchase price will be given, dependant upon the age of the kitten. Older animals are more difficult to rehome and this must be borne in mind.

We do not ship or export our kittens except by special request. Any potential overseas buyer will be expected to visit in person prior to completing the purchase, and is responsible for all transport arrangements for the animal. Should the arrangements be unacceptable the kitten will not be released to the prospective new owner. Kittens will not normally be permitted to travel unaccompanied, and wherever possible air travel should be in the cabin.

The new owner is expected to provide a secure and appropriate carrying basket before the kitten will be released although we normally deliver the kitten in person to first-time customers, and this is reflected in our prices.  Preparation for the new arrival will also include procuring a suitable litter tray (our kittens are brought up to use clay based litters), and providing an appropriate bed or nest. Full diet instruction sheets will be provided as necessary before collection, and dietary advice is always available.

We do not normally recommend that a pedigree cat be allowed to roam freely outdoors. They are very adventurous animals and a city environment is quite hazardous to any cat. Country life is safer, but there is always the danger that they could be poisoned or trapped, and a somali may be mistaken for a small fox!

Prices for kittens are determined by their probable quality and suitability for breeding and showing when adult, but we cannot make any guarantees that a particular kitten will grow up to fulfil any particular expectation. Please contact us for current prices, which normally start at around £350 for a pet and will be typically from £400 for a show/breeding quality kitten. Remember when considering the prices for a pet that expensive inoculations and microchipping are included and you may expect a healthy and fully inoculated animal, with official pedigree and properly socialized.  We will require a deposit of £50 per somali kitten at the time of the booking visit.   This is to cover the initial costs of the microchip, inoculations and registration. Our prices also normally include delivery within a 100 mile radius.  Delivery outside that distance and overseas will be charged extra.

If you do purchase a somali from us you will not be disappointed! Our cats are bred primarily for temperament, and with an eye to their health, and are brought up in a busy normal family environment. They are used to other cats and should settle well into any household.

N.B. We adhere to a Code of Ethics, which follows both that of the GCCF and the NKFV and is reproduced below:


Code of conduct based on GCCF/NKFV rules


  1. Future owners should think carefully and take advice before getting a kitten and choose a breed of cat suited to their lifestyle. They should only keep as many cats as they can care for adequately. This also includes the care for the cat's health.

  2. Breeders will supply details of all dietary requirements and give guidance concerning responsible ownership when placing cats in a new home.

  3. Cats that are bought as pets, not for breeding, should be neutered or spayed at the age recommended by your veterinary surgeon (normally at 4-6 months old).

  4. Kittens will not be delivered to the new owner before they are 13 weeks old. (NKFV)

  5. Kittens will be sold with at least a full inoculation against cat flu and preferably also against upper respiratory diseases and chlamidia. (NKFV)

  6. Every kitten will be examined by a vet before it is sold on for any contagious disease, parasites, skin abnormalities, bodily abnormalities (like tail deformations, dental abnormalities, any chest deformation, heart abnormalities etc.) (NKFV)
  7. Together with the kitten the breeder will hand over the corresponding official papers (inoculation certificate, pedigree, owners certificate). (NKFV)