Somali colours

This is a complete list of somali/aby colours recognised by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF).

(N.B. For overseas users, Usual means Ruddy and Sorrel means non sex-linked Red.)

63 Usual63t Usual tortie63s Usual silver 

63ts Usual tortie silver

63a Sorrel63at Sorrel tortie63as Sorrel silver 

63ats Sorrel tortie silver

63b Chocolate 63bt Chocolate tortie 63bs Chocolate silver  

63bts Chocolate tortie silver

63c Blue63ct Blue tortie63cs Blue silver 

63cts Blue tortie silver

63d Lilac63dt Lilac tortie63ds Lilac silver 

63dts Lilac tortie silver

63e Fawn63et Fawn tortie63es Fawn silver 

63ets Fawn tortie silver

63f Red  

63fs Red silver

63g Cream  

63gs Cream silver

Somali Variant Breed Numbers
as above, but add 'v'. For example 63av = sorrel variant.

Abyssinian Breed numbers
as above, but substitute 23 for 63.

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