International Champion (NKFV) & Champion (GCCF) Blue Ludwig of Nazik (Loetje)

A picture of Loetje

N.B. Loetje was PRA,  PL and FeLV tested negative, and PKD normal.

Breed - Blue Somali

Born - 16/10/96

Died - 28/5/2013  Euthanised for inoperable abdominal malignancy.

Sire - Blue Danko of Nazik

Dam - DK Gyldfina's Fawn Ofelia

Full pedigree

Show Successes -

Youth class 3-6 months
Mundikat 1997 Excellent I (judge Mrs Beintema)
AICC (Belgium) 1997 Excellent I, nominated Best in Show (judge P. Siffels)

Open Class
AICC (Belgium) 1997 CAC (judge H. Schultz)
NKFV 1997 CAC (judge Mrs Krediet)
NKV 1997 CAC (judge Mrs Wols)

Championship Class
NKFV 1998 CACIB (judge Mrs de Boer)
Hobby kat 1998 CACIB (judge Harbecke)
ABC (Belgium) 1998 CACIB, special prize (judge M Lebeau)

International Championship Class
NKFV 1998 CAGCI (judge Mrs Gremmel)

CA  Millennium Cat Club 17/6/02 CAC  (judge P. Bydlinski)
CA Lincoln 31/8/03 CAC  (judge F. Brambilla)

Notts & Derbys Cat Club 24/1/09 1st, BOB & CC (judge Ms S Devereux)
Humberside Cat Club 11/4/09 1st (judge Mrs J Worth)
Lincolnshire Cat Club 11/7/09 1st, BOB & CC (judge Mrs V Kilby)
Yorkshire County Cat Club 24/10/09  1st, BOB & CC (judge Mrs D Butters)

Likes -

GIRLS !!!!!!!!!! And suckling babies at his breasts.....

Dislikes -



Loetje in the snow:

Loetje in the snow