Champion Brizlincoat Lovage (Lotti)

A picture of Lotti

Breed - Sorrel Somali

Born - 19/8/95

Sire - Patriarca Sunset Ridge

Dam - Oysterfleet Kute Karamanda

Full pedigree

Show Successes -

Challenge Certificates:-
Wyvern Cat Club 14/9/96 (Miss I Wiseman)
Abyssinian Cat Club 21/6/97 (Mrs V Kilby)

Hobby-Kat 26/9/99 (Mrs O Dröbler)

Robstine Award 1997
Robert Graves Trophy 1997

Lotti has stopped showing to have babies, including Nainasus Aliantha. After a difficult second pregnacy she has produced a son on 15th June 1998, Nainasus Onlyu.  In May 1999 she gave birth to three sorrel boys from Loetje.

Likes -
Sitting on my computer, and getting into high places.

Dislikes -
Lotti used to hate all other cats. Since her last mating her nature has mellowed and she now loves just about everyone! Lotti had an unfortunate start in life. She began her independant life as an only cat in a household that couldn't cope with her. We rescued her at 6 months, but she is totally human orientated as a result. Since the arrival of Luna she seems to have decided to adopt her as her own.

Lotti with Luna

Lotti with her adopted baby, Luna