Ch. Supatoft Incredablue (Luna)

A picture of Luna at 14 weeks old
Ain't I looking innocent........

Breed - Blue Silver Somali

Born - 25/7/97

Sire - Grand Champion Supatoft Abfab Bollinger

Dam - Tsailun Blue Nimbus

Full pedigree

 Show Successes -

Challenge Certificates:-
North West Cat Club 26/9/98 (Miss A Rickson)

Rotterdam, NVvK, 15/08/99 (Mr. Herenval) CAC
Eindhoven, NKFV, 12/09/99 (Miss Marquardt) CAC

Bamrea Bella Memorial Trophy 1998

Likes -
Loves being loved - she has discovered how to nibble noses if ignored. She also has a tendency to reduce newspapers to confetti!
And Loetje - although WE think he's not the one for her........

Dislikes -
None yet.

Luna with Lotti
Luna with her adopted mum, Lotti


Regrettably Luna has now contracted the Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV) and after a long period of quarantine has had to be rehomed together with Van Gelre's Lerato Joker who also contracted it at the same time.  However, in time we still hope she may recover fully and be able to go on to live a long and productive life.