NotHim Lisil Ecoralim (Not Him)

Breed - Lilac Silver Somali

Born -  4/10/2000

Sire - Van Gelre's Lerato Adimu

Dam -  Izzeda Fasil Milâ Rocé

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Show Successes -

Open class
CA - 30/9/01 Lincoln CA Champion certificate  (judge P. Bydlinski)
CA -  17/6/02 Millennium Cat Club CA Champion certificate  (judge P. Bydlinski & G Cherrie)

GCCF - 13/7/01 Lincolnshire Cat Club 1st, CC & Best of Breed (judge G. Denny)

Likes -

Getting wet

We (Cattery Ecoralim) declare that this picture of NotHim was taken at our place. We take all the responsibilities of his behaviour for the first 10 months he lived with us. We can't help it, he loves to play with our children and their waterguns. So Cattery van Gelre (new in the UK) has nothing to do with it, except that his father is a van Gelre. We think, but we can't prove it, that this is the reason of his behaviour. We can't imagine that his mother (Izzeda fasil Milâ Rocé) is involved. Cattery van Gelre made their own decision to buy this male, to make their name famous in the UK. 
15-07-2001 John en Carla Peters, Cattery Ecoralim

Helping at the table

Dislikes -