Champion Pyrite de la Chacolaterie (Pyrite)



Breed - Chocolate Silver Somali

Born - 5/2/99

Died - 3/8/2011

Sire - Nichrome des Fauve & Or

Dam - News de Bethsabee

Full pedigree

Show Successes -

6-10 months:-
Hobby-Kat Hoensbroek 26/9/99: Outstanding 1, Best in Variety, Best in Show (Mrs O Drößler)

Open Class (FIFe)
CA - 30/9/01 Lincoln CA Champion certificate  (judge P. Bydlinski)
CA - 31/8/03 Lincoln CA Champion certificate  (judge F. Brambilla)
CA - 4/10/03 Garden of England Cat Club CA Champion certificate, NOM  (judge L. Coste)

CA - 5/10/03 Garden of England Cat Club  CA Grand Champion certificate (judge E. Reijers)

Loves -

To chatter, bouncing around, exploring and cuddling.


BABIES!..... (anyone's)


Dislikes -

Being taught manners!