Latest Kittens:

Brizlincoat Maharani x Nothim Lisil Ecoralim

Born 10th September 2011

At 2 days old

Now 18 days old and getting interested in the world - but sleeping is better!

Time goes by fast and we are already 5 weeks old!  All we need now is someone to come and see us and fall in love....

This is Arran at about 7 weeks:

We do like playing with tails... (Arran and Corrie)

Spitfire plays with Lochranza whilst Arran wants attention:

Torrylinn knows she is special and soooo pretty!

We are a happy and friendly litter and do sometimes come to rest!  At 8 weeks exploring and playing is exhausting...



Nainasus Blue Phoenix x Gr Ch Dom Perignon Ze Svobody :

Born 26th February 2011

Newborn:                                                                10 days:                                         18 days:

3 weeks and a proud mum


3 weeks and very contented.  Just starting to wean now.

Now we are ready to leave home, vaccinated and sort of grown up!  We just need someone to want us...

Still waiting:

Patrol:                                                                                           Bramble:                   


but please don't disturb me!:

Patrol being loved by Spitfire:

My name is Bramble and I have Talent too!!!                                                             But please don't BUZZ me......


Pics of some earlier somali kittens:


Nainasus Hurricane & Nainasus Spitfire (Brizlincoat Maharani x Ch Blue Ludwig of Nazik) born 9/11/2009.


At 2 days:

Three days:

Five days:

Two weeks and developing personalities:

3 months and looking for mischief!


Nainasus Snaefell (Vangelre Cloudy Jazz x Ch Blue Ludwig of Nazik) born 16/9/2009


At 4 weeks:

Learning to hunt feathers at 5 weeks:

Looking innocent at 2 months:

9 weeks and really becoming settled!



(From Nainasus Aliantha x Ch Blue Ludwig of Nazik:)


Now almost 2 weeks old:

4 weeks and weaning well - even if a bit messy!

1st December (now over 8 weeks old) we had a visit from one of our prospective owners, who took LOTS of photos.  Some are here courtesy of Alie van Gemert: