The Story of Nainasus Somalis


The original Nainasus cattery was situated on the south side of Birmingham near where the Supreme Cat Show is held each year.

Nainasus cats was run by the Francis family, whose interest in cats spanned over four decades. Ian was brought up to love cats, his parental home always had a brown Burmese as a pet. The very first Burmese to live with them was Trinity Golden Vishnu, from the foundation litters bred by Dr and Mrs Attwell in Sheffield, Yorkshire. Tish, as he was called, was born in 1952 but fell victim to cat 'flu at a young age. He was succeeded as the family pet by Trinity Golden Pippin from a repeat mating between Chinki Yong Zahran and Chinki Yong Shwegalay in 1955 and she lived a very full life until the age of 15.

Nainasus cattery was founded in 1980 when the opportunity arose to breed burmese. However, because of the show successes of their Red Abyssinian, Premier Ceianda Macgregor, interest grew in Abys, and later Somalis. Through the Abyssinian Cat Club and Abyssinian Cat Association an interest in the Somali breed was first encouraged, and Ian became a founder member of the Somali Cat Club.

After a break from breeding and showing to raise a family, an interest in cats was reborn, stimulated by the enthusiasm of Dianne Taylor of Brizlincoat Farm, near Birmingham. Brizlincoat was the home of two famous Somalis, Patriarca Sunset Ridge and Zorrito Blue Rodrigo, who have now spread their genes throughout Britain and most of the European Continent.

Nainasus Cats merged with the Dutch van Gelre Cattery in 1999 with two breeding queens from Brizlincoat lines (Starr and Lotti), one from our own breeding (Ali), and one from Supatoft lines (Luna) emigrating to Maastricht in Holland. Sadly now all our original British-originating girls are now deceased but can be seen on our Eternal Friends pages.  However, we do still have descendants from Lotti and Ali to continue their work.

Further upheaval followed however, and in spring 2001 the whole cattery moved country again, and now has its permanent base just north of Lincoln, in England.

We have built a large covered outside run complex, with four self-contained houses, two of which have integral queen's quarters for visiting girls.  All units are heated and there are two large 'play' areas for each pair of chalets.  The chalets themselves are built for us by Bransby Bunny.